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About McAuslin Merino

Let me introduce the team

Business owner (and weaver) Loris Ives lives in the Dunedin area, Otago

I am very passionate about the qualities of fine wool, especially fine merino with its amazing comfort and insulating properties - not to mention the subtle and exquisite softness and warmth when you wrap yourself in one of these lovely products.

Touch and you want to buy !! Guaranteed !

I had better introduce myself -- one time History teacher in Auckland but have also lived in Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia on account of my husband's work as an agricultural scientist.

In Jakarta, Indonesia, in 1993 I set up what became a very successful small business, Book Lovers of Indonesia.  I imported a large range of English language children's books to meet the needs of the large expat community in Jakarta. I had a small shop in my house at Country Woods Estate and sold at all the monthly meetings of the various women's communities - British, American, Canadian and of course Australian and New Zealand.

I also acted for Jakarta International School. facilitating their textbook imports from Thomas Nelson (UK).

This was enormous fun -- I had the best children's books published worldwide and the British School in Bintaro allowed me to sell directly to the children aged 6 to 10 - and their mums ! Very happy days indeed.

When I returned to live in New Zealand in 1998, I realised my other great passion ( from spinning and weaving) was fine wool.

I discovered merino and my first knitter, the brilliant Anne Baxter and so McAuslin Merino Lace came to exist.  I like to think these products, in their own way, bring as much joy to peoples' lives, as did my books in Jakarta.

I have called the business McAuslin after my grandparents - my mother's parents. They were great crafts people, grandad David McAuslin a fine bootmaker in Mosgiel. The McAuslin forebears sailed from Glasgow in 1875 on the "Christina McAuslin" to Bluff then eventually to Oamaru, New Zealand.

I use the Buchanan tartan ribbon on my scarves as the McAuslins were members of the Buchanan Clan in the Loch Lomond area of Scotland.

Its interesting how much this connection is appreciated by buyers from Scotland! McAuslin Merino Lace has been in business since 1999, with the same skilled knitters. We supply a range of shops in New Zealand, export to Australia and the USA and have a lovely relationship with our online buyers.

I am also very involved with promotion of Geraldine as a "must visit small town". Easy to Find, Hard to Leave - "Go Geraldine"

Our mission in life is to make your life brighter, more comfortable and enjoyable, by pampering a friend or yourself with a lovely McAuslin Merino item.

Free worldwide air mail. No risk return or replacement or cash refund guarantee. We have a long history of very satisfied customers - do join the list !

Knitter Anne Baxter lives in Gore, Southland

Anne is one of new Zealand's leading machine knitters, has won lots of awards including the Hokonui Fashion Award, and tutors in machine knitting at national Festivals.

Her skill in producing fine lace merino knits is unequalled !  All the fine lace scarves and lace shawls for sale on this website, are her work.

Knitter Pat Stowger lives in Geraldine, South Canterbury

Pat is primarily a knitwear designer for garments but is also an excellent machine knitter who tutors at National Festivals.

Pat has a brilliant eye for colour and is responsible for the beautiful striped scarves, wraps and throws available on this website.

These wonderful ladies, have great skill and expertise, efficiency and above all a sense of committment and a great sense of humour. My life has been enriched by this experience. We are a great team!

Inexpensive Delivery!

Just $7 NZ wide and $13 worldwide! McAuslin Merino Lace produces fine lace scarves, wraps and shawls, knitted and handwoven scarves for local or international buyers - all sent by affordable airmail. The Perfect Gift !

Design your own

Our designer knitwear products are individually hand-crafted by a team of wheel.gifexperienced and talented New Zealand merino lace knitters and weavers. Colours and styles made to order.

The McAuslin Story

See the story of the label McAuslin Merino Lace, dating back to it's roots as crofters in the Lock Lomond area of Scotland.