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The McAuslin Story

This is the story of the label... I named the business for my maternal grandparents, Florence Charlotte and David McAuslin, who lived variously in Mosgiel, then Dunedin, living until aged 89 and 84 and having an enormous influence on me -- Pa McAuslin building me hand chiselled doll's beds! My granny Florence Charlotte educating me in the joys of Milton and Shakespeare!

In Mosgiel, my grandfather David McAuslin lived and worked in a solid two story brick shophouse on the corner of Gordon and Factory Roads. He was a highly skilled bootmaker and his handmade boots were eagerly sought after by both priests and jockeys! The name "David McAuslin, Bootmaker" was visible on the western side of the building until about 1995 when sadly it was removed!

From earliest times in Scotland, McAuslins, Macauslands and similarly named families lived as crofters in the Loch Lomond area of Scotland.  These families were members of the Clan Buchanan, and as such, could wear the Buchanan tartan.

It is this colourful clan tartan that adorns the McAuslin label.

Like countless thousands of others , the McAuslins and Somervilles (another branch of the family) lost their land to enclosures for sheep, and were forced to relocate as labourers and artisans to towns and cities in search of employment.

My branch of the McAuslins went to Glasgow, and in 1875 emigrated from Glasgow to Oamaru -- these were the stonemasons, cooks, bootmakers - skilled craftsmen so eager and able to build a new life for their families in a new antipodean settlement.

It just seemed the right thing to do --- use the McAuslin name and tartan for my merino scarves and shawls. Theses are made with skill, love and attention to detail by very talented studio machine knitters and weavers, continuing a tradition of excellent quality specialty items, handcrafted to order for a discerning clientele.

Inexpensive Delivery!

Just $7 NZ wide and $13 worldwide! McAuslin Merino Lace produces fine lace scarves, wraps and shawls, knitted and handwoven scarves for local or international buyers - all sent by affordable airmail. The Perfect Gift !

Design your own

Our designer knitwear products are individually hand-crafted by a team of wheel.gifexperienced and talented New Zealand merino lace knitters and weavers. Colours and styles made to order.

The McAuslin Story

See the story of the label McAuslin Merino Lace, dating back to it's roots as crofters in the Lock Lomond area of Scotland.