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Knitted Scarves

Small Lace Boucle Merino


This fine supersoft scarf is kniited in a boucle yarn -- 80% superfine merino as a fluffy yarn, twisted around a polyamide thread, to give it strength and stability.

A charming soft small scarf weighing only 30gms, it provides elegance and warmth with virtually no weight.

lace pattern illustrated is shade Denim.

Price: $69.00

Lace Merino Fine Worsted Yarn


Small lace scarf , a delicate reversible lace stitch, knitted in a superfine pure merino yarn, grown and processed in South Island New Zealand

A lovely accessory.The model (Loris Ives, business owner) is wearing Tomato.

Price: $65.00

Boucle Merino Striped Scarf


Fantastic colourways put together by my knitter Pat Strowger - choose from blues and greens, reds and browns, greys and greens!!

A soft and drapable scarf, warm and comforting in winter, or just on a chilly day. Great for travelling, keeps you snug and protected from drafts.

Size approx 1.95m long and 33cm wide, divided into 5 shades, stripes repeated once.
Josephine wears a mixture of soft blues and greens

Price: $92.00

Striped Scarf, Double Yarn


A very interesting and soft textured scarf with a full handle.

These amazing scarves combine different yarns to give an incredible and unique item, snuggly warm and beautiful.
So stunning that when I sell these at markets, they simply walk off the table !!

This scarf is a selection of stripes overlaying a base colour of a different shade. It is a warm scarf with a soft and lofty handle.
Length 1.90m and width 35cm - Each stripe about 20cm deep

Worn by Josephine : Lavenders

Price: $92.00

Inexpensive Delivery!

Just $7 NZ wide and $13 worldwide! McAuslin Merino Lace produces fine lace scarves, wraps and shawls, knitted and handwoven scarves for local or international buyers - all sent by affordable airmail. The Perfect Gift !

Design your own

Our designer knitwear products are individually hand-crafted by a team of wheel.gifexperienced and talented New Zealand merino lace knitters and weavers. Colours and styles made to order.

The McAuslin Story

See the story of the label McAuslin Merino Lace, dating back to it's roots as crofters in the Lock Lomond area of Scotland.