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What is Merino?

Fine merino wool knitted or woven with interlinked threads and space between the threads, traps air and creates warmth in stitches that are both decorative and functional. Lace stitch fine merino wool creates an almost weightless article that is fashionable, beautiful and cosy, a garment you can snuggle into and feel pampered. Like being in a cocoon! This is the boucle merino lace shawl.

Let's take time out for a History Lesson!!

Fine wool has been spun and knitted into lace garments and blankets for thousands of years:

  • In Egypt, there is a display in the Cairo Coptic Museum of ancient sculptures showing figures dressed in knitted garments !
  • These date back to the 4th Century AD.
  • The first known knitting needle , a bronze rod from the early Iron Age is in the Corinium Museum in Cirencester, England.
  • The famous ancient Irish Book of Kells ( 8th Century) shows Daniel wearing a knitted mesh pullover, breeches and stockings.
  • In Elizabethan England it was fashionable for the Court ladies to knit ! Queen Elizabeth I wore fine lace stockings knitted by a Mrs Montague.
  • The Knitting Guilds of Guernsey ( a male organisation) supplied knitted garments and accessories to the French and English Courts. Their apprenticeship lasted 6 years.
  • From 1700 on, Britain was the main centre for European commercial handknitting. Patterns developed in Scandinavia used colour changes rather than lace or textured patterns.
  • In the 19th century, handknitting became the occupation of women in fishing communities around the coast of Britain, to make warm garments for their men and garments (Guernseys) for sale as cash income. Patterns were unique to fishing communities and a drowned fishermen could be identified by the pattern on his jersey/guernsey.
  • Fine lace knitting developed in the Shetland Islands, with yarn spun so fine, a large shawl could be passed through a wedding ring.

Inexpensive Delivery!

Just $7 NZ wide and $13 worldwide! McAuslin Merino Lace produces fine lace scarves, wraps and shawls, knitted and handwoven scarves for local or international buyers - all sent by affordable airmail. The Perfect Gift !

Design your own

Our designer knitwear products are individually hand-crafted by a team of wheel.gifexperienced and talented New Zealand merino lace knitters and weavers. Colours and styles made to order.

The McAuslin Story

See the story of the label McAuslin Merino Lace, dating back to it's roots as crofters in the Lock Lomond area of Scotland.